How to straighten or curl a synthetic wig

How to straighten or curl a synthetic wig

You can straighten or curl a synthetic wig with properly applied heat. You can refresh or change the look of any wig - old or new - in a few easy steps.

I own ten wigs now, so I’m really getting into the fun of hair styling. Unfortunately, a couple of wigs have been sacrificed in the name of the novice. I thought I had to throw them away, but after a bit of online research I learned how I can save them.

How to straighten a synthetic wig

You can straighten any wig with a curling iron set on a low setting. A cheap curling iron is good for this, as it doesn't get really hot. Take a section of hair and run the curling iron down the length of hair. The trick is to keep the iron moving so the heat doesn’t have time to melt the synthetic fibers of the wig. Don’t be tempted to keep the iron in one spot for more than a second. If the hair doesn’t completely straighten at first, a second run will do the trick. Alternatively, you can use a brush and hair dryer and produce the same results.

How to curl a synthetic wig

You can curl any synthetic wig by curling it in foam curls and letting it sit in almost boiling water overnight.


1. Brush or comb wig. Curl wig in foam or plastic pink hair curlers . . 2. Place wig in bucket and add two cups of hot tap water . . 3. Heat about a gallon and a half of water to almost boiling . . 4. Place cereal bowl on top of wig and pour heated water into bucket. The filled bowl will keep the wig underwater. .  5. Let water cool naturally, take wig out of bucket and place on headform. Let wig dry naturally, which may take up to two days.


After the wig has dried, take off the curlers to see your new curly wig. Now you can have fun styling it. I combed out the curls from root to tips as the base for an 18th century hedgehog style look.

No advice on styling but if the synthetic is the same as Barbie doll hair, you can fix a frizzy mess of it by using fabric softener.

Thanks for this! I am just starting to try and figure out artificial hair. This is most helpful!

MrsC (Maryanne)
I store my curly hair piece in foam roller sticks so it doesn't get all mussied up and the cirls get restored to their sculptured loveliness. It annoys me that the hair that come out during combing won't grow back! LOL!

I've curled wigs using the perm rods I find at cheap hair styling places, or drug stores, since they are all plastic they dry quicker than the foam ones.

I curl them by drenching them in water, putting in standing pin curls and letting it dry in the oven overnight. On a very low setting, obviously, 40 C.

Artemisia Moltabocca
Thanks for the extra tips everyone!

and to get that luster shine back a quick spray of wd 40 works wonders :)