Uniquely You Dressform Review

Uniquely You Dressform Review
My review of the Uniquely You dressform.

I decided on a UY dressform because I was tired making duct tape dummies. I didn’t want a hard plastic form that will not adjust to my short-waisted, narrow shoulders, average upper torso, 4’ 11” body. The form is the “stuffing” and the included cover - after alterations - shapes the form uniquely to your measurements.

The funniest part of this dressform are the hUgE boobs! They are laughable, but necessary to fill out the cover. If needed, I will take give the dressform a mastectomy to make it fit me. Here’s a video of me unpacking the form. Put down your drinks for the boob shot.

Selecting a Form Size for Regular / Modern Clothing

  1. Take your natural measurements at the fullest part of hip and bust to the closest half-inch
  2. Select your form size according to hip measurement
  3. Then select your cover size according to your bust measurement. The chart applies even if you are short-waist (half-size) or long waisted.
  4. Select only the cover size across from your form size

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Selecting a form size for corset-making

If the form is used for corset-making, select the next form size down if your number size is either 13, 10, 7, or 4.

The foam material is like sofa cushioning. It is meant to last and endure lots of wear and tear. The cover is meant to fit any of the sizes listed on the manufacturer sizing chart for any given letter size.

If your cover size is the highest number within a letter size, the dressform will compress down to your corset size. If your number size is either one of the two smaller numbers, the dressform will become progressively difficult to compress down to your corseted size. Any letter size dressform isn't designed to “squish” smaller than the smallest stated number size in the chart.

The Cover

This dressform is meant to be used with the included cover. The cover is what makes the dressform adapt to any body size. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, short-waisted or long-waisted - a properly fitted cover will change the shape of the dressform to make it fit you. There’s a 1” seam allowance on cover to allow for required adjustments. If you have problems adjusting the included cover like I did, then click here for my step-by-step instructions on how to make a custom cover.

My experience with the dressform

My measurements are B36, W29, H36 and my bra size is 32DD. I’m 4’ 11” tall with a misses size upper torso and a short junior size lower torso. I selected a small size form with a size 4 cover.

I couldn’t adjust the included cover to my body. The cover is a basic sheath-type dress made for the “average” body. I tore out the zipper, threw away the cover, and made my own.

I found it wasn’t difficult to squish down the small dressform (without the cover) to a 29" corseted waist. It's the same amount of strength needed to lace a corset on a real body. I have to stand on the dressform to compress it down to a 26" waist. It is impossible for me to squish down the waist to the 24" waist. Because of all this, I wish I purchased the petite form because I use this dressform with corsets. This is what prompted me to write this article.

The hip area - for some reason - is even more difficult to compress. I had to take an electric knife to my dressform to bring the hips down to 36 1/2".

The dressform bust is the easiest part to squish down. Still, I had to cut them off because the bust apex was completely off for me. This is the most common alteration to the UY form.

Then came the issue that the bust shape changes from bra to corset, so I elected to completely remove them from the dressform. If I'm making a modern dress, I put a bra on the dressform (over the cover) and stuff the bust foam into it. If I'm making a corset, I stuff the bust foam into the corset.

Form measurements for a small Uniquely You dressform

I took these measurements after the form was in a custom cover for several months. I let the form stand for 15 minutes to let the foam expand back to, hopefully, original size. All measurements are approximate. I didn’t include the bust measure because the foam there can easily be flatted down to nothing.

I had to cut my dressform’s boobs to lift them up. Use an electric knife to cut or shape the bust area. Do not use scissors or your dressform will end up looking like mine - a bad hack job.

Important: It bears repeating here that this dressform is meant to be used with the cover. The cover is what makes this dressform adapt to any body size. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, short-waisted or long-waisted - the cover will change the shape of the dressform to make it fit you. So please do not use the following measures to purchase your dressform. They are just here for your information.


  1. From neck to end of form: 30 1/2”
  2. Neck to waist: 13 3/4”
  3. Waist to hips: 5 3/4”
  4. Hips to end of form: 11”
  5. Shoulder to shoulder: 14 1/2”


  1. Underarm to end of form: 24 1/2”
  2. Underarm to waist: 7 1/2”
  3. Waist to hips: 5 3/4”
  4. Hips to end of form: 11 1/4”



  1. Entire form from neck: 32”
  2. Neck to waist: 15 1/4
  3. Waist to hips: 6 3/4”
  4. Hips to end of form: 10
  5. Shoulder to shoulder: 13 1/2”
  6. Arm stub to arm stub: 16 1/2”


Other Measures

  1. Underbust: 34”
  2. Armhole 16”
  3. Neck 15 3/4”
  4. Waist 30 1/2”
  5. Hips 38 1/4”


I hope this review helped you with your decision to purchase a Uniquely You dressform. Happy shopping!

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