Truly Victorian TV405 Vest Basque Pattern Review

Truly Victorian TV405 1872 Vest Basque Pattern Review 

Highly recommended pattern. Good for advanced beginners. Instructions are extremely easy to follow, and actual construction is not complicated. I left the front open, and did not add boning. I would add stronger interfacing for the cuffs.

Truly Victorian TV405 1872 Vest Basque

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  1. Pattern: Truly Victorian TV405 1872 Vest Basque
  2. Pattern sizing: 30” – 50” bust included in one pattern. I cut a size C.
  3. Fabric: 100% fashion fabric silk, 100% cotton for collars, cuffs and vest front, 100% cotton muslin for lining and 100% cotton herringbone twill for interlining.


Step 1 Cutting the pieces: Be mindful of the grainline and how many of each piece you need to cut out.


Step 2 Flat line fashion fabric: Seriously, don't skip this part.


Step 3 Sew darts

Step 4-8 Assembly line sewing


Step 9 Collar: The collar is attached so you can actually see the seamline. The lining will attach at the seamline thus turning the raw edges to the inside of the garment.


And this is where the picture documentation ends.

Step 10-11 Vest: Be sure to sew right sides together. This was the first time I use plaid fabric so I had to cut the fashion fabric piece out a couple of times to get it right. Trick is to match the plaid at the stitching line not the cutting line.

Step 12 Boning: I found it unnecessary (and time consuming) to add boning to this jacket. Maybe next time.

Step 13 Sleeves a. The instructions clearly show where to stitch on the cuff. The stitching ends at the notches. In hindsight I would add interfacing or an inner lining to the cuffs since I used cotton for the fashion fabric and lining. I don't believe it would be necessary if you're using a heavy fashion fabric. c. Pin down the corner of the cuff down and out of the way so you can stitch closely without sewing the cuff to the sleeve. g-h. Make sure to match that notch at the top and match the back seamline. Pin the sleeve to the jacket first to find the exact area to place the gathering stitches.

Step 14-16 Lining This is where it gets interesting. Sew all outside edges. All of them. It concerned me because it didn't look like the entire thing would turn inside out. Thankfully it did. It was quite easy to iron everything down flat.

Step 17-21 Finish basting I didn't baste the pleats to the jacket and left the vest open. Stitched the armholes though. Eventually I'll make this jacket again so all is not lost. If you have any questions or problems with the construction of this jacket I'll try to help you - just leave a comment.

Debra Martin
Thank you for the video with the basting spray tip. I think that would be perfect to use with tissue paper and charmeuse or anything slippery. After sewing the seam, just tear the tissue away. I enjoyed all of your photos. Tip for you - When I can't tell the wrong side of a fabric, I put little stickers on the wrong side. You can pick them up really cheap at JoAnns or WalMart - they saved me more than once.

Artemisia Moltabocca
Your welcome. I *heart* basting spray.

I never would've thought to use stickies to mark the fabric. They can also be marked with a little "t" or some other small note so I don't forget things halfway through construction. Thanks for the tip. :)

I love your techniques and I think you are a very talented seamstress. I remember when I use to sew like that back in the 80's and 90's.Thing about being a seamstress is you keep checking everyone's clothes out to see how they're made.Very clever about the basting spray.Heck, I'm a quilter and don't even use it but I'm definitely buying some now.You look beautiful in the pictures by the way.

Artemisia Moltabocca
Thanks Esteemarlu.

You showed your cards. Now I may have to pick your brain when I have a sewing problem.

Basting spray always helps a seamstress out of a sticky situation! *rimshot* (What, too much?) ;)

its great getting to see your progress! I just cut out all of my fabrics today and will be sewing my TV405 over the weekend.
Hopefully mine comes out as nice as yours!

Artemisia Moltabocca
I'm sure it will. This pattern and the instructions are so elegant. Post a link to a pic of your vest when it's done, I'd love to see it! :)

will do!
Im going to be doing the cuffs and sleeves tonight, and then its on to the lining.
Like you said, Im nervous about getting the whole thing to turn right side out through the armhole!!!

I will be cutting mine out this week. I had a friend help measure my body. My measurements as compared to the T V pattern are all over the place. Any suggestions? I will be doing alot of easing...uhuugh!=Carol Ann

Artemisia Moltabocca
@Carol Ann: Start by making a test vest out of cheap muslin fabric in the size closest to your bust size. Ignore the waist and hip sizes for now. Extend your seam allowances out to 1". Sew up the pattern as per the instructions, without the lining. Then while wearing the jacket, have your friend tweak it with pins around your waist and hips to fit you.